Thursday, November 20, 2008

My nephew, Samuel.

This past Monday at 2:00 p.m., my nephew Samuel had surgery on his heart. Just recently he started to have episodes where his heart would start to beat way beyond the rate that's healthy for any heart. The doctors monitored his heart and came to the conclusion that the only way to fix it would be through surgery. Samuel's situation is more common among adults but extremely rare for children.

The surgery was extremely complicated but the Doctor was able to stabilize Samuel's heart and God-willing, Samuel will never have to worry about this problem again!

We always have a ridiculous amount of things to be thankful for each day and on Thanksgiving, but today I'm so overwhelmed by the fact that we live in a country where Samuel's able to be helped within hours. I'm thankful for doctors, for medicine, for heart monitors, for sanitized instruments and nurses. I'm thankful that we only had to worry and pray for a few days before it was all over with. I'm thankful that Samuel has a healthy heart.

All of this has started me thinking about being thankful. I'm starting to think thankfulness needs to go so much further than just thanking God for our circumstances.

Thank you God for my house.

Thank you God for Samuel's health.

Thank you God for protecting my son in combat.

Thank you God for food.

Thank you God for the fact that I have it so much better off than most people in the world.

Is that all we're required to do? Just say thanks? Don't get me wrong, saying thank you is huge and we should all do it often and consistently. I wonder if we need to take it a step further though in order to make our thankfulness not just another act of glorifying ourselves.

Thank you God for my house, give me the opportunity to help those with no houses today.

Thank you God for Samuel's health, give me the opportunity to help those who need a doctor of money to be healed.

Thank you God for protecting my son in combat, give me the opportunity to comfort all the other grieving parents who have lost their son or daughter.

Thank you God for food, give me the opportunity to feed the hungry today.

Thank you God for the fact that I have it so much better off than most people in the world, give me the opportunity to bless a world that needs you.

Thankfulness shouldn't just pour out of our mouth, it should pour out of our lifestyles.

I'm rambling, but I'm thankful for Samuel today! It's humbling to think that if he was born in Iraq, his name would be on the bottom of a list of over 3,000 children. Instead of worrying and praying for just a few days, we'd be worrying for the next 5 years if we were lucky.

Instead of getting sad every time I hear the sounds of an ambulance siren, I should be overjoyed. Praise God that help is on its way. Praise God that someone cares. Praise God that the silence was shattered.

People all over the world will never hear the sound of someone on their way to help them. Break the silence!


Tracy P. said...

May you never tire of living deep in an often too shallow world, Cody. Thanks so much for these challenges today!

Jonathan & Noella said...

Thank you Uncle Cody for your prayers. You have no idea how many times PLC and the children in Iraq came in to my heart and prayers while spending our week in ICU with Samuel. We know God placed us here in the US and not in Italy during this prolonged stay for the sake of Samuel's heart. We indeed are grateful to God!

Life with Kaishon said...

This post was beautiful. I will pray for Samuel's heart this morning. I will pray that God will do great things with Samuel's life as he grows. Happy Thanksgiving! God bless you!

Hasrul said...

He is a handsome boy. I pray that he is well and will grow up a healthy and active boy.

Michelle said...

Wow! powerful post regarding being thankful and blessing others. I've taken this principle to heart today.