Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Glimpse.


Sometimes the most persuasive things are silent. It's bugged me that I haven't blogged in weeks and every time I've worked on my computer or walked by it, I've been annoyed by that fact. I'm finally giving in.

I made it back to California a couple weeks ago. Before I came here, I spent an amazing weekend in Dallas with Michelle's parents. The weekend before that I was spending an amazing weekend in Istanbul with Michelle and before that it was a pretty ordinary weekend in Iraq.

It's weird to be back. It's good, but weird. I'm loving being back with family and friends. My sister and her family came to visit from Italy and so we've been spending the days at the park with my nephews and niece, swinging and laughing. We just finished celebrating the one year birthday for my other niece, Maddie, that I just met for the first time! Before that we just celebrated the birth of my other sister's baby, Diego. So many exciting things are happening and it's a privilege to be back to enjoy it all!


I'm still trying to figure out what it means to live in America. I always wrestled with that before I went to Iraq but now it's just magnified. I unpacked all my bags and put up art and other symbols that always make me think of the people in Iraq. I feel like my passion and ambition are right next to them, hanging on the wall as a reminder of the past year but not very practical in this country. A lot of me really wants to end up back there or in another country doing the same thing, living out love and seeking out injustices like it was our job. Don't get me wrong...people live with passion here, I know plenty. I'm just trying to figure out what it means for me.

Right now, I'm wrestling with all of that. What does it look like to live with that same passion here in America? What does it mean to model preemptive love in California? How do I speak up for the people of Iraq to a people group that for the most part, doesn't care? Above all, how can I just be faithful?

It's a good struggle. It's a good thing to lose sleep over. In the meantime though I'm trying to figure out what to do next. This week along with next week are going to be really big for me as I'm trying to start making decisions about the future. I'm working on settling down with a part time job while I pour the rest of my time into the Preemptive Love Coalition as I try to raise support and money for the non-profit. I have a growing list of organizations, businesses, and people I'm planning to meet with about our vision. I'm hoping it'll catch on and soon I'll be able to focus on the PLC as I seek to be just as involved in Iraq, while still in America. A lot of work needs to happen before we get to that point though...

Please write me at if you want to talk about it or find out how you can donate to our cause! Feel free to pass on my e-mail and let's see if we can start to figure out how to live in America together while still loving globally!